Ontario PGA Member Steve Koncz Honoured By Henry-Griffitts


Ontario PGA Member Steve Koncz Honoured By Henry-Griffitts

(Pickering, Ont., November 2, 2009) - Steve Koncz of Golf Unlimited in Simcoe, Ont., has won the Randy Henry Award at Henry-Griffitts’ annual Super School in Coeur da Alene, Id.

The award is named after one of the company founders and given to a company certified teacher who carries out practices such as evaluating student’s equipment in lessons, always having the teacher’s cart and lie board available in lessons and using the golf club as well as the swing motion to improve a student’s ball flight.

"It was very humbling to recieve this award, I was speechless to be honest," said Koncz, after receiving the award last month from Henry-Griffitts cofounder Randy Henry. "I've always aspired to be as knowledgable about club fitting and teaching as Randy so to win an award named after him makes it very special," added Koncz, who began using the Henry-Griffitts system.

“Henry-Griffitts has always promoted the idea that equipment affects motion,” said company co-founder Randy Henry. “Giving lessons without finding out how the equipment is complementing or hindering your student’s swing can be frustrating for all involved.

“Steve has demonstrated his firm belief in our unique philosophy and it was a pleasure to personally present this award to him” added Henry.

Koncz also earned Henry-Griffitts Professional Clubfitter status.

“These individuals must prove themselves worthy by completing a rigorous regiment of performance. We look at their time in service, their experience, their customer follow-up, their dedication to continuing their education in clubfitting and, of course their success in sales,” said Henry.

For more information visit Steve's Henry-Griffitts web page

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