Ontario & Quebec Tied After Day 1 of Titleist Cup Matches


Ontario & Quebec All Square After First Day of Titleist Cup Matches

(October 8, 2009 – Mississauga, Ont.)
– It was a hard fought day for both teams at the Titleist Cup and in the end each 12 man squad took home 6 points and will head into the final day singles matches all even. In the morning the tally was two wins per side and two halves while the afternoon saw each team win three matches.

“I thought the Ontario Team out played our guys today and we were lucky to get out of the day what we did,” said Yves Tremblay the third year captain for the Quebec team.

For the better part of the day the matches were extremely close with both sides exchanging wins and loses of holes. The closest matches were the Assistants’ and Seniors’ which seems to be the case most years.

“I thought we were unfortunate to not get any points from the Assistants’ or Senior’s,” said Ontario captain Gar Hamilton. “I thought we outplayed them today and overall I’m pleased to be even heading into the singles.”

A new twist was introduced for this year’s edition of the Titleist Cup that will see the captains pick their (singles) pairings at a special dinner for the players this evening. In the past players would play the same opponents for the week and in honour of this week’s President’s Cup the captains will pick the pairings based on a similar format.

“I think the guys will really enjoy this format and it spices the matches up even more,” said Tremblay. “Ultimately the Titleist Cup is all about friendship and respect for one another and I think this new twist will help elevate the entire event,” added Hamilton.

In order for Team Ontario to clinch the cup they will need to win seven of the twelve matches slated for 8 AM tomorrow morning.  The Quebec team only needs six points to retain the cup. Quebec has won the Titleist Cup the last 15 years in a row and the Ontario players are eager to end the streak.

Morning Match Recap

Dan Clark & Ian Doig 2 & 1 Winners over Jean Chatelain & Serge Thivierge
Billy Walsh & Dan Greenwood 5 & 4 Winners over Eric Laporte & Jean Laforce
Bruce Rogerson & Gary Jeffrey halved match with Jean Louis Lamarre & Hocan Olsson
Dave Levesque & Reggie Millage 1Up Losers to Billy Houle & Jerome Blais
Ken Tarling & John Rushnell 1up Losers to Yvan Beauchemin & Serge Bernier
Danny King & Mark Kappes halved match with Ben Boudreau & Marc Girouard

Afternoon Match Recap

Dan Clark & Ian Doig 6 & 5 Winners over Jean Chatelain & Serge Thivierge
Billy Walsh & Dan Greenwood 3 & 2 Winners over Eric Laporte & Jean Laforce
Danny King & Mark Kappes 3 & 2 Winners over Marc Girouard & Ben Boudreau
Yvan Beauchemin & Serge Bernier 2 Up winners over Ken Tarling & John Rushnell
Jean Louis Lamarre & Hocan Olsson 1 Up Winners over Bruce Rogerson & Gary Jeffrey
Billy Houle & Jerome Blais 2 Up Winners over Dave Levesque & Reggie Millage
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