PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone Announces SuperSpeed Golf as Presenting Sponsor of Think Tank Education Summit


March 7, 2018
The PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone is excited to announce a new partnership with SuperSpeed Golf, who will be the presenting sponsor of the Think Tank Education Summit.  Michael Napoleon, President and Founder of SuperSpeed Golf, will be giving an education session this year at Think Tank titled "Coaching Speed in the Modern Golf Swing" where he will introduce the Speed Pyramid and investigate about how ground force mechanics, rotational biomechanics, and wrist/club lag intertwine to create power in the golf swing.  
"We developed the SuperSpeed Golf Training System for the specific goal of aiding golfer's in one of the most common quests in the game: Increasing Distance! We based this training on the time-tested and science approved strategies of Overload/Underload training. This type of training has been done in track and field sports for many years as well as more recently in sports like Major League Baseball. We adapted the training approach, commonly used by athletes throwing an object, to swinging sports by altering the tradition weight breakdowns of the underweight and overweight objects.  We found that maintaining swing speed significantly faster than the normal golf swing, with clubs lighter and even slightly heavier than the driver would give speed gains for almost every player. We coined the term "OverSpeed Training" for this new style of golf speed training. In the past few years SuperSpeed Golf has gained significant traction around the world, now being distributed in over 27 countries. We also have over 400 touring professionals working with our training system around the world, including about half of the top 50 players in the world."
Michael Napoleon
President & Founder
SuperSpeed Golf
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