Walsh Wins his fourth Ontario Zone Assistants' Championship


FLAMBOROUGH, ON - Walsh wins his fourth Ontario Zone Assistants' Championship at Flamborough Hills Golf & Country Club. Players took to the Lakes and Hills nines to battle it out for the coveted trophy.
The Ontario Zone Assistants' Championship trophy is a storied one dating back to 1954.  In the 64 years of the trophy changing hands, there have been eleven champions that have won twice and nine of those were back to back but only one that has won three times and now four. "To have my name on that trophy once is a huge honour but to have it there 4 times is something really special. Hopefully I can add it on there a few more times!!" said Bill Walsh Jr.   
At the end of play on day one, we had a traffic jam at the top of the leaderboard. Ed Maunder of Deerfield Golf Club was the sole leader at 7-under 65. Close on his heels at 6-under 66 was Brian McCann, then G.W. King and Tae Woo Kim at 5-under 67.
Day two brought on some rather interesting weather challenges. With rain and fog that changed into heavy rain, and then some course flooding players were delayed 3 hours before the first ball was in the air. Still with hot and humid conditions the delays weren't over. 
Two groups had handed in their scorecards when the lightening show began and horns went off.   Another hour delay before the players were back on course. "I was glad I got to hit my tee shot on 14 before the horn went. I felt it was one of the tougher tee shots out there" Walsh said.
With a four hour delay in total on day 2 and a fair amount of rain, Bill Walsh said "I didn't notice any change in the conditions with all the rain the course had. From the start the greens were very receptive to the point where I had to really manage the amount of spin I was putting on the ball. I tried to hit more club with a softer action to take some of the spin off.  The greens on the back 9 were much smaller with less slope and I felt if I hit the green on the back 9, I would have a really good chance a making birdie." 
There was a lot of flirting at top of the leader board, and for a while Terry O'Brien of Cedar Links Golf Centre who was 4-under 68 on day one was sitting at the top. With a double bogey on 11, he made a good come back with a birdie on 17 and an eagle on 18 which also earned him a skin, finishing at 9-under for the tournament. Ed Maunder, G.W. King, Jake McNulty and Terry O'Brien all finished 9-under but Walsh was still able to best them by one with 7 birdies on the day. 
Walsh who started the day at 4-under said "I've always said I prefer to be a few shots back going into the final round. It's a totally different mindset when you're trailing as opposed to leading. I feel like I play more aggressively when I'm chasing.  As one of the premier players in our association I knew Eddie would play well but I felt if I could post 10-under I would have a good chance at winning."
As the long day came to a close all the players looked forward to enjoying a can of Triple Bogey, the Official Beer of the PGA of Ontario.
Bill Walsh secures his spot on the PGA Assistants' Championship of Canada Ontario Inter-Zone team at The Winston Golf Club in Calgary, Alberta on September 16 to 19, 2018.
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