PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone Announces Partnership with RollReadyâ„¢


April 7, 2017 - The PGA of Ontario is pleased to announce a new partnership with RollReady™.  RollReady™ is a clever new initiative by Adnan Darr and Vari Pro Innovations Inc. and we are very excited to help them launch their newest development.  
Rules of Golf allow a golfer to clean his/her golf ball two times on every hole, at the tee box and on the green.  Golfers are often stranded on the green when it comes to cleaning their golf ball, even with many golf ball cleaners available. They typically use their pants or the green itself to clean off the dirt, understanding that a clean ball is more likely to follow the intended path to the hole.  RollReady™ is a unique golf ball cleaner. It is a simple to use, single handed design, which attaches to a golfer's belt or waistband.  With RollReady™, golfers mark their ball, place the ball in the casing, and roll it clean while they line up their putt.  The lightweight polypropylene design will go unnoticed on the golfer's belt until needed.  The laser-cut microfiber cloth has two different textures to give the ball a thorough cleaning, damp or dry.
"We met Adnan at the Golf Industry Expo and we were immediately impressed with his RollReady™ product. It offers a simple yet effective solution to golfers, both professional and amatuer, while providing a few different avenues 
for pro shops to make additional revenue."
Jim Kenesky
PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone Professional
RollReady™ helps you maintain your Professionalism on the course by eliminating the spread of dirt from your ball, to your pants, hands, and mouth.  RollReady™ will be an active partner of the PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone this season and you can visit them on their website at

For more information, please contact:
Adnan Darr
Devon Smith
PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone
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