Masterful Maneuvering: Montemurro and Maunder Win the 2017 PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone CFM/CLASS A Scramble #2


September 27, 2017
BRAMPTON, ON -- The PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone brought their newly formed CFM/CLASS A Team Scramble to the rolling hills and angulated greens of Turnberry Golf Club. Teams from across the zone came to Brampton, ON to utilize the potential low-scoring scramble format and to leave their mark on the 2017 PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone tournament season, but it was Ed Maunder and Jakob Montemurro who pulled away from the field.
Maunder (Deerfield Golf and Recreation Centre) and Montemurro (Tee Zone Driving Range) managed to navigate and take down the behemoth executive golf course, weighing in at 3405 yards, bogey-free and finished at 7-under par narrowly besting two teams at 6-under. 
"Jake hit first every time," Maunder recounted after the awards presentation. "He kept us out of trouble and really freed me up. He was rolling the ball really well and hit a lot of close shots, which is the key if you're going to score here." The pair has played a lot of golf together and has developed an obvious team chemistry that was too much for the rest of the field to handle. "We played together in a scramble in the spring and Jake often comes over to my course throughout the season to play. Our games complement each other nicely, I think."
Turnberry Golf Club uses its greens as its first line of defense and if you find yourself on the wrong side of the hole you could make some very large numbers. "You need to think about your shots when you're playing here," Montemurro added. "You need to think about where the flat part of the green is and where you want to be putting from. We were trying to keep everything pin high today, to give us some good looks. You're not going to drop the ball in next to the hole on every shot so you need to be responsible with how much you attack these pins.  You can be successful if you think your way around this course."
Michael Moniz/Matthew Perricciolo (-6), Jeff McDowall/Dylan Smallwood (-6), James Skrypec/Jace Werry (-5), Jim Kenesky/Greg Beale (-4), and Bob Beauchemin/Wes Stanford (-4) rounded out the top five. For full results and scores from the 2017 CFM/CLASS A Team Scramble CLICK HERE
The PGA of Canada - Ontario Zone's 2017 Tournament Schedule continues next week at Blue Springs Golf Club for the 2017 Player of the Year Championship and the dramatic finale of the Chase for the Breenie Cup presented by Triple Bogey Brewing Co. Bill Walsh is currently on top of the standings with 244 points, but there are twelve players within reach going into the final event of the inaugural season-long championship.
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