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February 17, 2017 -- The PGA of Ontario is pleased to announce a partnership with Foresight Sports Canada as their exclusive launch monitor technology partner. Coinciding with the launch of their new GCQuad launch monitor, Foresight Sports Canada is providing the PGA of Ontario and its members with an opportunity to be among the first to adopt and use a different technology than in the past to help improve golfers more efficiently with less guesswork. Offering PGA of Ontario members and their clients accurate measurements for coaching, fitting, and entertainment - indoors and out.
Foresight Sports a San Diego based company made its debut in 2010 with the launch of the GC2 Smart Camera System. The company has been a leader in launch monitor technology since it's debut, offering fitters, coaches, and players industry-first measurements. Their newly released GCQuad allows the delivery of complete ball and club analysis in a single indoor/outdoor device.  
Foresight Sports Canada is the Canadian Distributor of Foresight Sports. Founded in 2011 the Canadian team specializes in using industry leading Foresight Sports technology and software to create premium golf studio solutions for its clients. As a solutions provider, Foresight Sports Canada positions itself as a one-stop shop for complete studio design, installation, and technology integration. Their goal is to deliver performance driven solutions using premium Canadian sourced products. The company has made a commitment to support Canadian businesses whenever possible. From temporary seasonal studio solutions to complete multi-bay facilities, the Foresight Sports Canada team proudly stands behind its commitment to creating custom solutions delivered on time and on budget.
The newly launched GCQuad is a front-facing camera-based unit that can actually see and measure what the club is doing at impact. The unit offers accurate measurements of club data, such as club head speed, club path, club face angle at impact, angle of attack, impact loft, impact location, and lie angle at impact. Combined with ball data such as ball speed, spin rate, launch angle, the GCQuad offers a complete package that users can confidently trust.
GCQuad units are already in use by some of the best coaches across Canada and Foresight Sports is very pleased with the enthusiastic feedback. Initial head to head testing against competitor products has shown much merit in using a camera-based system, especially in Canada where seasons are split between indoor and outdoor. Guesswork is replaced by accurate measurements.
New for 2017 are Foresight's Sports' PEAK education workshops. PEAK offers award-winning content built and delivered by some of the world's industry leaders. The PEAK education series workshops are offered at no cost to PGA of Ontario members for the 2017 season and provide credits towards education. PEAK consists of a day of learning and application-based workshops that participants can benefit from immediately.
"We are looking forward to meeting and starting a mutually rewarding relationship with PGA of Ontario Members, so please don't hesitate to reach out today." - Aaron Hardy, President of Foresight Sports Canada
PGA of Ontario Members - GCQuad Introductory Offer
About Foresight Sports Canada
Foresight Sports Canada is the Canadian distributor for Foresight Sports in San Diego, California. Foresight Sports develops the most advanced-and most trusted-performance analysis solutions in the golf industry. The company's GCSeries Smart Camera System is the best-selling professional grade launch monitor ever created, with more than 10,000 units in use in retail stores, driving ranges, courses, and commercial and residential golf simulators worldwide. Foresight Sports Canada provides complete golf solutions for both residential and commercial applications.
Press contact:
Aaron Hardy
President, Foresight Sports Canada
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Devon Smith
PGA of Ontario
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