Three Team Playoff needed to decide PGA of Canada – Ontario Zone Sr Pro/Jr Pro Team Series


August 1, 2017
WOODBRIDGE, ON - The PGA of Canada – Ontario Zone was at The Country Club this week for the 2017 Senior Pro/Junior Pro Team Series.  Three teams were left at days end and they went toe-to-toe in a six-man playoff.  Kevan Goble (Whitevale Golf Club) and Steve Rodriguez (GolfTEC Markham) outlasted the competition winning their first Senior Pro/Junior Pro title.  
The fireworks weren’t saved just for the playoff either.  Feathers were flying all day long, as twenty-nine teams were under par and the three that shared the lead after eighteen holes signed their cards at 12-under 59.  Rob Roxborough (The National Golf Club of Canada) and Nick Kenney (The National Golf Club of Canada) had ten birdies and an eagle on the par 5 fourth hole, which was the only team skin of the day and paid out over $1400.  
Ian Doig (Ian Doig Golf Academy) and James Skrypec (The Golf Academy at Deer Ridge) took the most dramatic route to the three team playoff.  The pair was coasting at 2-under par after eight holes before rattling off an incredible ten birdies in a row to finish deadlocked at the top of the leaderboard.  
Kevan Goble and Steve Rodriguez, on the other hand, played small-ball en route to the playoff.  Goble laughed after the round, “I think Steve made 200 feet of real estate on the putting green today.”  Rodriguez was quick to share the accolades with Goble though, “We play a lot of team events together and this is probably our best collective scramble score ever.  I did putt well, but Kevan was there every time I missed a shot.  It was a true team effort.”
The three teams all met back on the eighteenth tee to settle the score.  The mood was light, everyone was smiling and joking around until Rob Roxborough stepped up to the tee and fired a canon right down the middle.  The jokes were quickly extinguished, smiles disappeared, and the five remaining players stepped up and blasted driver on the 476 yard par five.  It was no surprise that all three teams, after their 12-under performance earlier in the day, were side by side for their second shots.  All three teams landed on the green, and all three teams had eagle looks.  After none of them could convert and everyone tapped in for birdie the playoff moved back to the 100-yard stick for a closest-to-the-pin shootout.  
The Country Club’s West Course eighteenth hole is a fantastic finishing hole with an elevated green adding an extra element to finish off the day.  After the six players sent their best bids into the green, where they couldn’t see the balls finish due to the elevation change, they relied on the spectators reactions to reveal a champion.  While the gallery had an excellent view of the green, they could not tell which ball was the closest so they were as silent as the players eagerly waiting a decision.  Michael Moniz, PGA of Canada – Ontario Zone Tournament Captain was waiting greenside to make the measurement.  All three teams came up to the green peeking over the edge as they climbed the steep incline.  After measuring each ball in contention Moniz revealed Kevan Goble’s ball was inches inside Ian Doig’s and was good enough for the 2017 Senior Pro/Junior Pro title.  
“We couldn’t have played much better today,” Rodriguez continued after the round.  “On a course of this quality, being at 12-under, we played really well.  We thought that twelve would be enough to win but we needed some extra time to get it done.  It’s special for us to win this event.  There are some really important names already on the trophy, and to have our names on there with them is awesome.  Events like the Senior Pro/Junior Pro are so important to our Association.  We played with Bill and John Kerr today, who we have never played with before, and we had an incredibly fun day.  One of our most memorable team wins in our career for sure.”
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