2016 PGA of Ontario Fall Scramble Decided by Dramatic Playoff


October 18, 2016
MISSISSAUGA, ON - Yesterday marked the end of the 2016 PGA of Ontario tournament season with the annual season ending Fall Scramble at Lionhead Golf & Conference Centre.  The Fall Scramble is a three-player team event that saw 162 players go toe-to-toe across the two championship golf courses.  Year after year this is one of the most highly contested events on the schedule and 2016 was no exception.  Every team finished under-par but in order to win the Fall Scramble, teams needed navigate their course flawlessly.
Two teams were crowned champion by days end.  On the Legends course the team from Oviinbyrd Golf Club consisting of Jim Currie, Nick Maracle, and Mike Gonko piled up eleven birdies and a pair of eagles on their way to a 15-under 57.  "I can't really say much else, other than we had a really smooth round out there today.  We were just making good shots and the ball was finding the bottom of the cup," Currie said after the win.  The trio bested three teams for top spot: Scott Bogle, Charlie Doherty, and Raymond McCorquodale and Nick Kenney, Scott Sinclair, and Adrian Cord and Stuart Thain, Brad Kerfoot, and Michael Moniz all finished one back of the leaders at T2.
Over on the Masters course, crowning champions at the end of the day wasn't so decisive.  At the end of regulation there were two teams sharing the lead at 15-under 57.  As in years previous both teams headed back to the eighteenth tee to settle it in a playoff.  Up first was the team of Gord Burns, Matt Peavoy, and Chris Jones who finished their round with thirteen birdies and an eagle.  They were up against the likes of Danny King, Steve Green, and Michael McMahon who's card looked similar to their counterparts with thirteen birdies and an eagle. 
After the first playoff shots were taken King/Green/McMahon were left of the fairway sitting in the bunker, while Burns/Jones/Peavoy were twenty yards passed them sitting pretty on the right side of the short grass.  The playoff looked lopsided until the bunker shot from 170 yards landed next to the pin settling four feet from the hole.  Burns/Jones/Peavoy were feeling the pressure, and after their three attempts, the best they could muster was 55 feet below the hole on the front right edge of the green.  After two nice lag putts stopping feet from the cup, Gord Burns stepped over the ball and let it go.  "Right when I hit the ball I knew I had the line right," Burns said.  "As it was climbing the hill I knew it was going to drop."  After the team went wild with high fives, King/Green/McMahon drained their easy four footer and as per PGA of Ontario team competition procedures, all six competitors headed back to the 150 yard marker for a closest to the pin winner-take-all shootout. 
Riding the momentum from the putt previous Burns landed his shot about 15 feet from the pin.  After a couple misses, the final playoff shot was in the very capable hands of Danny King.  Even after King's ball had settled on the green it was unclear who had won.  All six players headed to the green, after needing a quick measurement it was evident that Burns' putt would not go un-utilized as his ball was three feet inside King's to take top spot at the Fall Scramble.
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