Chilton wins Chase 54 Futures Fall Classic by a Landslide


Chilton wins Chase 54 Futures Fall Classic by a Landslide

The PGA of Ontario Futures Tour has been steadily growing and gaining notoriety since its conception in 2014.  The fields have quadrupled and it is quickly becoming one of the better tours on the PGA of Ontario schedule.  The idea behind its creation was to encourage the newer members of the Association to join the tournament program and network with their peers.  Chase 54 came on board this year in a huge way by truly showing the players that Chase 54 is a brand that places value in the future of the industry. 

Last week the Futures Tour set up shop at Stratford Country Club and with over 100 years of golfing tradition it defended itself well against the onslaught of the PGA of Ontario’s best young golfers.  That was, until Gord Chilton (Sleepy Hollow Golf Club) stepped on the tee.  Chilton navigated the courses shot by shot and when he shook hands on the 18th green he was seven shots clear of the field for the decisive victory.

“I love what the PGA of Ontario is doing with the Futures Tour.  It’s a great opportunity to get out of the shop and play, entry fees are very reasonable, and it’s great to come meet new faces and see some older ones too.”  Chilton was quick to praise the Futures Tour and try and get the word out to the newer members that are still undecided about playing.  “I also use it for a chance to get out and see what other clubs are doing, maybe bring some ideas back to Sleepy Hollow to improve what we are already doing there.”

Chilton spoiled his bogey-free round on the 18th hole to finish the round at 5-under 66.  “It’s a shorter course, and I just tried to stay under the hole.  I made a few clutch pars when I needed to, the only blemish was 18.  I managed my game very well today.”

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