Ontario PGA Names New President


Chris Miranda, President, OPGA

The Ontario PGA and the National Golf Course Owners Association Canada are pleased to announce a partnership that will begin to offer $4,000 in scholarships beginning this September. The NGCOA - Ontario PGA Scholarship will award four Canadian PGA ELITE Apprentices with $1,000 each to be used towards their tuition at a post secondary institution.

The program objective of the NGCOA - Ontario PGA scholarship is to help alleviate some of the financial burden that many aspiring golf professionals encounter while pursuing higher education. The overall goal of the NGCOA - Ontario PGA scholarship is to benefit students enrolled in post secondary education and pursuing a career in golf.

"We are very proud to be able to offer our ELITE Apprentices a scholarship opportunity along with the NGCOA" said Ontario PGA President, Chris Miranda. "It's huge when an industry partner steps up to the plate like the NGCOA and it shows their commitment to Canadian PGA Professional's and Apprentices working and thriving at NGCOA facilities."

The scholarship will be available to current ELITE Apprentice Members of the Ontario PGA. Applicants will have demonstrated a high level of academic achievement and will have made contributions to the community during high school, college or university. "The importance of well educated people to enable courses to thrive in today's competitive marketplace cannot be understated," said Greg Seemann, President of the NGCOA Central Ontario Chapter. "Operators who are forced to place the importance of the business of golf as a top priority, are committed to support the Ontario PGA program that is the largest, most creditable source of qualified contributors to the growth of the game," added Seemann. The NGCOA - Ontario PGA application will be posted in the members section of the Ontario PGA Website and ELITE Apprentices are encouraged to apply before the October 10, 2008 deadline. Winners will be announced at the Ontario PGA Merchandising Show on October 30, 2008.
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