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Members On The Move

Name Category Facility Former Category Former Facility Moved On
Robinson, Ryan Head Professional Eagles Nest Golf Club Class A Professional Eagles Nest Golf Club 06.06.2017
Lee, J.Michael Class A Professional Angus Glen Golf Club Candidate For Membership Angus Glen Golf Club 06.02.2017
Bussiere, Paul Executive Professional Ladies Golf Club Of Toronto Class A Professional Scarboro Golf & C.C. 06.02.2017
Campbell, Dan Executive Professional Peterborough Golf & C.C. Teaching Professional Henry Brunton Golf 05.31.2017
Burwash, Richard Class A Professional Westmount Golf & C.C. Class A Professional Guelph Country Club 05.26.2017

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Name Category Facility
Beernink, Tim Class A Professional Oxford Golf & Country Club
Belacca, Matthew Head Professional Caledon Country Club
Bell, Scott Candidate For Membership The Georgian Bay Club
Bell, Richard Class A Professional Cedarhurst Golf Club
Bell, David Life Professional PGA of Ontario Life
Belletrutti, David Head Professional Blue Springs Golf Club
Beneteau, Charles Class A Professional Erie Shores Golf & C.C.
Bennett, Carter Candidate For Membership The Toronto Golf Club
Bennett, Jason Head Professional Oak Bay Golf & Country Club
Bennett, Steven Executive Professional Thames Valley Golf Club
Bennett, Tom Class A Professional
Benson, Andrew Head Professional Hornby Glen Golf Club
Bentley, Jeff Teaching Professional Southern Pines Golf & C.C.
Bernard, Gary Class A Professional PGA of Canada
Betts, Gary Head Professional Sleepy Hollow Golf Club
Bevan, Simon Executive Professional Riverbend Golf Community
Bevan, Chris Candidate For Membership Bradlee Ryall Golf/Kaneff Academies
Bevington, Bill Head Professional Oakville Golf Club
Beyba, Brett Head Professional Diamondback Golf Club
Bezaire, Marc Head Professional The Club at North Halton
Bileski, Ron Life Professional PGA of Ontario Life
Billyard, Allan Life Professional PGA of Ontario Life
Bizzotto, Daniel Class A Professional Lionhead Golf Club
Black, Colin Class A Professional
Black, Graham Class A Professional Acushnet Canada Inc.
Blackburn, Mike Head Professional Saugeen Golf Club
Blay, Ian Class A Professional
Blomme, Jon Head Teaching Professional Summit Golf Development Centre
Blundell, Robert Candidate For Membership Waterloo Golf Academy
Bogle, Scott Teaching Professional Bradlee Ryall Golf/Kaneff Academies
Bondy, Jay Teaching Professional Hidden Lake Golf Club
Boniferro, Corbin Candidate For Membership Legends On The Niagara G.C.
Boon, Andy Candidate For Membership London Hunt Golf Club
Boudreau, Tyler Class A Professional Devil's Pulpit
Boutin, Jody Teaching Professional Cardinal Golf Club
Bower, David Class A Professional The National Golf Club
Bowerman, Nigel Candidate For Membership Flamborough Hills Golf Club
Boyce, Sarah Head Professional Summit Golf & C.C.
Boyce, Peter Life Professional PGA of Ontario Life
Bradford, Myles Head Professional Cranberry Golf Course
Bradshaw, James Class A Professional Brantford Golf & C.C.
Brandon, Rob Executive Professional Cardinal Golf Club
Bratten, Chris Head Professional Silver Lakes Golf & C.C.
Brawley-Burbridge, Tracey Teaching Professional Barrie Country Club
Breedon, Jamie Candidate For Membership Port Carling Golf & C.C.
Brimson, Darren Class A Professional
Brindle, Stuart Executive Professional Magna Golf Club
Brodie, Trevor Class A Professional
Brookes, Collin Class A Professional Markland Wood Golf Club
Broom, Jeremy Head Professional Cherry Hill Club Ltd.
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